Group Classes

Group classes

There are varying level of classes to cater for the beginner through to the advanced client. Full details of each class are outlined below.
GROUP CLASSES—Where do I start? Please note that group classes are not for anyone with Spinal injuries or disc bulges. Please speak with reception, as you will be able to start with the Studio Introductory Package.

Choosing your first class
If you are new to Pilates, we recommend you attend 3-5 of the Mat or Reformer Intro classes. These classes are designed to introduce you to the Pilates method foundations, the breath and neutral spine positions in a slower paced class. Once you feel comfortable you will easily progress to Mat or Reformer level 1. For those who have practiced Pilates before but haven’t done it for a while, maybe start with a Level 1 and only progress to Level 2 when you are feeling strong and confident. Please speak with your teacher if you are unsure.

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Mat classes

Pilates Mat classes focus on a sequence of Pilates exercises done on the floor on a cushioned Mat, so there is no impact, using the body weight as resistance.

Small Apparatus/Arc Classes

Small apparatus classes use apparatus such as the magic circle, foam rollers, pilates arcs, fitballs, therabands and hand weights to add variety and resistance.

Pregnancy classes

Pregnancy classes are a gentle class for all stages of pregnancy. Focus is made for the comfort of both mother and her growing baby.

Post-Natal classes

Once you've had the baby its time to get back into shape in a safe environment. It assists the mum in knowing how to wake up their pelvic floor or deal with abdominal separation. Learn techniques with posture while breastfeeding, carrying and lifting baby.

FreeForm Board Class

The Free Form Board adds an extra dynamic workout to your Pilates class. It will challenge your movement with it's multi-directional functionality. This class is an introduction to the Free Form Board. So you will to have already taken Mat and/or Reformer Classes

PowerPlate Circuit Class

This powerful class combines the power of the Power Plate and small apparatus to give you an ultimate workout. This is an intermediate level class and you will need to have had one session on the PowerPlate prior to attending.

Reformer classes & Pregnancy Reformer classes

Pilates Reformers give you a unique full body conditioning workout using springs as resistance.
The reformer is an excellent workout for pregnant ladies. It offers more resistance for excellent arm and leg exercises. With the added use of a Pilates Arc, you can even do a small amount of extension work, which is what every pregnant lady craves. Enjoy the workout.


This Vinyasa flow class is a dynamic practice, a meditation in movement that blends the practices and wisdom of many yogic styles. The main focus during the class is on the breath, and synchronising the breath with movement through a series of postures. The class is appropriate for all levels*; students are encouraged to observe their bodies and to playfully, safely explore their boundaries with attention to correct foundations and alignment. The combination of hard work and deep relaxation will help to restore balance to body, mind and spirit. Regular practice will build strength and flexibility, improve inner health, give clarity of mind and a greater sense of peace.

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