Meet the Team

  • Catherine Giannitto
  • Liz Trezies Polestar Education Manager, Pilates & Power Plate Instructor
    Liz found Pilates in 2009 and was instantly converted. After being in the corporate world for nearly 20 years and having a passion for health, nutrition and fitness she found the exercise that complimented her training
  • Jeremy Hunt
  • Annette Dillon
  • Audrey Morrison
  • Karen Lee
  • Sarah Barrett
  • Lissie Field
  • Emma Horning
  • Karin-Anne Abercrombie Pilates & Power Plate Instructor

    Karin-Anne’s passion for Pilates began in 2008 when she was first introduced to this amazing exercise method. When relocating from South Africa to Australia, in early 2010, she used this opportunity to redirect..
  • Luisa Saiter Lins
  • Jane Leathwood
  • Jo Francou
  • Joscelyn Bakaer
  • Laura Kavanagh
  • Chelsea Clark
  • Kathryn Bannon
  • Lynsey D’Vaz
  • Fiona Singleton
  • Isabelle Abrams
  • Nicole Atkins
  • Emma Elice-Flintt
  • Acacia Grant
  • Tara Lamond
  • Tracy Gerza
  • Jennie Burrell