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Announcing energising new additions to our timetable, Breathwork with Breathing Coach Dave Pemberton
Ideal for anyone looking to enhance their performance, circulation & clarity.

Just Breathe

A new class focusing a technique to optimise health in body and mind.

Learn techniques for stress reduction, mind-body connection, emotional regulation, improved focus, energy & vitality, detoxification, enhanced respiratory function, strengthening the immune system and coping with pain.

Walk away feeling calm and clear-headed. Ready to explore this life-changing skill? Use your Polestar class pack to book.


This workshop is a comprehensive journey into the science of breathing and its transformative effects on body and mind.

Led by The Breathing Coach, David Pemberton you will gain practical insights into functional breathing and its impact on mental and physical health.

Learn scientifically proven breathing techniques that have the power to revolutionise the way you approach your training, your mental and physical health as well as your overall fitness.

Workshop Highlights

Spaces are limited. Join us at the studio for a uniquely energising experience.

What to bring