Infrared Sauna

Polestar is excited that we are now offering Infrared Sauna sessions from 28th February 2022.

Wellness is within reach because infrared’s healing light energy has been proven in many ways to help our bodies feel better. With gentler and more effective heat, Sunlighten’s infrared sauna benefits allow you to stay longer and reap more overall health benefits. Sunlighten has perfected our infrared technology to bring you the safest, most efficient and effective infrared 


Infrared Sauna will be available for:

  • single sessions (1 person)
  • couples sessions (2 persons)
Session are 50 minutes and can be booked with reception or online through the MindBody app.


Sessions times are:

  • Monday-Thursday 8am till 8pm
  • Fridays 8am-7pm
  • Saturdays 8am-2pm

More times will be made available very soon.


1 Person sauna
$ 100 intro special - 3 sessions
  • casual $45
  • 5 pack $200
  • 10 pack $350

couples PRICING

2 Persons Sauna
$ 140 intro special - 3 sessions
  • casual $70
  • 5pack $325
  • 10 pack $600

frequently asked questions

The first thing most people notice is a relieving relaxing of the muscles.  Tension melts away, and the deep penetrating warmth is very soothing on aches and pains.
With regular use you feel the benefits of a deep, healthy sweat that purifies your body and improves circulation. After the first session, people often notice clearer skin and a deep, restful sleep.


In contrast to traditional high-heat saunas, Solocarbon infrared heating is highly customisable, so you can enjoy a deep, detoxifying sweat at lower, more comfortable temperatures.
Like it hot?  That’s fine too – now you have the choice.

Whatever makes you comfortable.  Most people choose to wear underwear or swimmers, but you can use light loose clothing if you wish.  You will also have a towel between you and the cedar wood bench.

Yes we definitely have showers available.

We will supply 1 towel for each person, however you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Chronic conditions associated with reduced ability to sweat or perspire or predisposed to bledding.  These include:  MS, central nervous system tumors and diabetes with neuropathy, haemophilia or have a pacemaker.  

Pregnancy is not recommended.

Those who are on medication for specific medical conditions.  
Please consult your healthcare practitioner.

Unlike tanning beds, Sunlighten saunas use infrared heating, which is entirely different to microwaves or ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 
Infrared heat is safe and healthy for all living things. Far from a new technology, infrared heat has been used in a variety of health and human movement applications for many years.  Sunlighten saunas use a refined heating technology called Solocarbon(TM), which is use din day spas, gyms, training studios and health practices worldwide.