Nutritionist Northern Beaches


Polestar Pilates is pleased to have Emma Elice-Flint from Eatcetera Nutrition as our onsite Nutritionist for the Northern Beaches.

After taking a detailed picture of your health, lifestyle and food consumption, and discussing your particular stressors, health triggers and goals, Emma will design an individualised food, lifestyle, and possible supplement programme. Together you will find solutions to help solve your problem or to enhance your energy levels.

Emma’s Approach
Emma’s emphasis is on empowering individuals to achieve results for themselves through a sensible diet of enjoyable food.
“I love good food – it’s wonderful and, apart from sustaining and enriching our bodies, it should taste good too. I enjoy educating and inspiring people to love the right food, maintain sustainable diets and live long healthy lives.”

What is nutritional medicine?
This discipline is based on the premise that we all have an individual level of optimum nutrition, with diverse nutritional requirements. Strong emphasis is placed on food and nutrition, with supplements used only if required and at therapeutic doses.

What Emma can help you with:
Emma has worked effectively in health and nutrition for men, women, children, and teenagers. Areas in which her clients have achieved positive results include:

  • weight loss and weight gain
  • addressing fatigue
  • detoxification
  • digestive disorders
  • acne, thrush and candida
  • natural fertility
  • food behavioural analysis for children
  • healthy ageing
  • exam preparation
  • preparation for new jobs