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Springtime rituals to compliment your Pilates workout

Elevate your Pilates routine with springtime rituals that complement and enhance your fitness journey.

Improve your Pilates sessions with these spring rituals

Wondering how you can boost your Pilates workouts with summer around the corner? Simple rituals may be one way.

Rituals and Pilates

This year I came to a realisation that small daily rituals can go a long way to making improvements to your life. I changed my thinking from ‘have to do’ and it being a burden to a ritual that I enjoyed as an act of self love. The effects on the mind body and soul were revolutionary.

With longer daylight hours, beach weather upon us we all might have looming goals we want to achieve that require consistency of a small daily 10 minute  ritual.

Here’s a few suggestions of some rituals to boost your Pilates performance.

My stretch ritual creates space

I’m a fan of the kitchen stretch ritual. Instead of looking in the fridge or pantry to nibble on something whilst dinner is cooking…..guilty…..why not stretch?

Start off with a calf stretch by placing your forefoot against the base of the kitchen bench and lean towards the bench. Then move onto a quadricep stretch. Hold onto the bench whilst you grab hold of your foot with your free hand. You want to ensure you have a posterior tilt of the pelvis, with your knee pointing down. Taking your heel closer to your bottom will increase the stretch. Another favourite is a chest/back and shoulder stretch. Place both hands onto the bench and step back until your arms and body are inline with the top of the bench. You want your body parallel to the floor and at a right angle to your legs. Bend your knees if you need to. Try to extend the chest forward.

My Pilates ritual is to roll

So many people have foam rollers that become part of their furniture or storage collection. Go grab it and roll out whilst watching TV. A lot of people foam roll too aggressively which is why it gets stuck in the corner. You want to foam roll at about 60% of your pain threshold. If your face looks strained its too much! Go slow so you can feel differences and linger in those denser areas.  Notice the difference after a week or two. You’ll be amazed.

My Pilates ritual is to start the day the right way.

What could be easier than a 10 minute Pilates ritual next to your bed. Simply roll out of bed and begin. Start with some Pilates bridging, book openings and a mermaid to mobilise the spine. Try to focus on your breath. If you don’t have time then try to incorporate it later in the day. It’s 10 mins to focus on you and your spine. Have your own back.

My Pilates ritual is to lie down and chill out on my roller

Sounds like a simple ritual but so often we slump on the sofa instead to wind down. Lie along your roller with your arms out to the side and your palms up. Focus on softness around your ribs and a feeling of length across your chest. Many of us spend the majority of our day bent over. It’s a great way to open up the front of your body.

My Pilates ritual is to hydrate

I made a ritual of whenever driving somewhere I would drink water. I know drinking enough water makes me feel more energised, makes my skin feel less dry, helps my digestion and lubricates my joints and fascia. There are many more benefits you can research if you need to incorporate this ritual into your life.

No matter what your Pilates schedule pick a ritual or try a different one each day. Commit to an act of self love just for you and see the improvements for your mind, body and soul.