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Polestar Pilates Studio

Colleen Kavanagh

Meridian Yoga Teacher

Colleen Kavanagh combines her finely-honed communication skills, broad experience in workplace facilitation, plus her wisdom in health and well-being to empower people to reach their professional and personal goals. The results re-energise individuals and teams.

Harnessing her trademark positivity, energy and empathy, along with her 20-plus years of diverse training and qualifications, Colleen encourages clients to identify barriers holding them back and embrace practical solutions. Her results-driven bespoke programs have enabled hundreds of people to overcome fatigue, burnout,
pain, stress and anxiety to take control of their lives and return to health and balance.

Colleen’s proven corporate communication workshops focus on ‘can do’ language to build team confidence, avoid misunderstandings, improve decision-making and foster collaboration.

Whatever the challenge, Colleen will embolden your people, in a safe and supportive environment, to make constructive changes.

All workshops are tailored and draw on a wide variety of training tools, including NLP, meditation, positive communication, meditation and mindfulness, meridian yoga teaching and the personality type indicators, DISC and Myers Briggs.

In addition, Colleen’s sought-after Resliens corporate yoga and meditation classes provide a much needed circuit breaker for employees, giving them a pathway back to health, well-being and work-life balance.

Colleen Kavanagh has worked across many industries, including aviation, mining, education, banking, government and pharmaceuticals including QANTAS, NRMA, AUSTRALIA POST, SURF COAST SHIRE COUNCIL.

Colleen Kavanagh’s programs in corporate communication, well-being coaching and Ryoho Yoga can re-invigorate your people and your business.

“ Working in the highly charged environments of Emergency, Intensive Care, High Dependency and Oncology, when I started my working life as a nurse, I recognized that I would not survive without a wellness strategy.  I have big health dreams. I want to be amazing whether my life be long or short. I have been gifted great health and I want to keep it.”