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Polestar Pilates Studio
Polestar Pilates Studio

Hiram Brooke

Exercise Physiologiest

Polestar Pilates Studio
Hiram helps people find new and progressive ways of moving and connecting with their bodies.
Most often the pain that people experience has an underlying cause; while there is usually a mechanical or an alignment issue, the question Hiram helps people uncover and resolve, is why it’s there to begin with, so that this can be addressed.

Drawing from a clinical background in Exercise Physiology over the past 10 years, studies in Functional Neurology, and Biodynamic Craniosacral practice, Hiram’s goal is to leave you feeling like you’re in a new body, moving in a whole new way.

Hiram’s specialises in lower limb injuries, unresolved long term / chronic pain, and pain exacerbated by stress.

When not in Polestar, Hiram is a part of a team of practitioners that delivers far remote health services.