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Polestar Pilates Studio
Polestar Pilates Studio

Jeffrey Morrison


Jeff is uniquely position in the world.  Through his vast clinical experience, research endeavours, lecturing and work with Association, Government Boards and Universities in both the human and the animal professions.  Jeff has developed performance enhancing protocols for both humans and horses.
Jeff graduated as an Osteopath in 1985 and an Animal Chiropractor in 1999.  Since then the diversity of his human practice has allowed him to develop treatment strategies that have successfully supported many sportsmen and women in the highest of competition.  Along the way these skills have been sought out by many of the world’s most influential people.
Mirroring the successes of his human work, Jeff’s horse practise has developed into a high end service which evolved through his time spent in Hall of Fame racing stables in Australia and special project stables in the Emirates.
Now concentrating on deconditioned patients and “running technology”, Jeff’s globally unique combination of training, experience and particularly his background in respiratory research has elevated Jeff’s service and provides a platform like no other for his clients.