Chiropractor (ALTR Therapies)
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Nick's life revolves around the ability to match physical excellence with scientific support, be it biomechanically, nutritionally or spiritually. Nick studied a Bachelor of Science, Masters in Chiropractic and has carried out original research in Biomechanics and Neurology. He has also represented Australia for Kayaking, been an Australian Surf Ski Champion, whilst also coaches junior athletes.

ALTR (Allostatic Load and Trauma Release)

At ALTR we have a strong and unique philosophical underpinning to our therapeutic intervention. We appraise the body as a whole: a 3 dimensional, tensegrity driven, strategic structure that houses the homeostatic properties of the body coalescing with the mind and is influenced by manual therapy, movement re-education, mindfulness and nutrition. A complex body needs an intricate and well thought out solution. Our aim is to have you out of our care and empowered to look after yourself as quickly as possible.

An initial consultation will usually take 2 hours and will consist of a thorough Case History, Examination (Physical, Neurological, Orthopaedic and diagnostic images if required), Functional Movement Screen (on the oov), and Introduction to Movement Pattern Re- education, Treatment (Fascial and Articular release) and an extensive Movement Re- education to decrease the likelihood of relapse. We treat fewer times and less often than other modalities and happily work with existing practitioners, movement specialists and medical specialists for your best outcome.
A standard consultation is 1 hour in duration and always involves a re-assessment as the body changes constantly and dynamically. We then steer you towards the performing, functional you that you deserve to be, using any of the mentioned tools in an appropriate manner.
We run licensed education programs for Movement diagnosis and Re-education and are registered AHPRA Primary Health Care practitioners. If you are after a unique approach to altering your body’s current state then book in.

Carrie – Polestar Education

Carrie – Polestar Education,

Why did I choose Polestar Australia? My education/working background is I have a Bachelor of Nursing. I have been a stay at home Mum with three kids for the past 12 years. I was looking for professional development in a Pilates training program with a high level of training to expand my existing knowledge and an education that focuses on rehabilitation. I spoke to several health professionals who recommend Polestar Australia highly, exactly for that reason. The detail and depth in the Polestar repertoire have far exceeded my expectations. And a bonus along the way is that I have got to meet so many other health professionals and like-minded people with the same passion for Pilates and human movement.

I have received a well-rounded and thorough education and foundation for my Pilates instruction from Polestar. I have learnt so much and I can see all the benefits of the Polestar principles and exercises in my clients, which makes me want to come back for more learning opportunities. I would highly recommend Polestar education to anyone who is looking for the best pilates training program, that enables us to teach our clients to move safely, efficiently and the way we are intended to move.

Karen – Polestar Australia

Karen – Polestar Australia,

Thank you to all the staff at Polestar, I feel welcome from the moment I walk through the front door and I’m looking forward to another great year of energising myself.  It’s been great for my body and my mind and has become a lifestyle choice that has a huge and positive impact on all aspects of my life, making me stronger, healthier and happier.