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Polestar Pilates Studio

Personal Studio

The Pilates Studio sessions involve a more individual approach to Pilates, using many specialised pieces of equipment which have springs to create varying resistance. Because all equipment is non-weight bearing, it is ideal for beginners and people with special needs.

We have a combination package for new people, which includes an Assessment with a Physiotherapist or Osteopath and then 3 full 1 hour private (one-on-one) sessions with a qualified instructor. Once you have completed the 3 privates, you can discuss your progress with your instructor to see if you are ready to progress to Semi-privates sessions.

On your first session our friendly staff will ask you to complete some evaluation forms. We will also conduct a physical assessment of body alignment, posture, strength, flexibility and injury history. This allows us to design a program that is specific to your personal goals, needs and ability.

Once the evaluation is complete you will then start your introduction to the Pilates Method including the correct breathing techniques, abdominal control and introduction to the basic equipment used. As each session progresses you will be shown more enhanced techniques and apparatus.