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Why Choose Polestar Online Pilates Classes?

Opting for online Pilates in Australia with Polestar Pilates provides a unique and enriching experience. Our classes stand out due to:

Choosing Polestar Pilates means prioritising functional strength, flexibility, and quality of movement in your Pilates journey.

Polestar Pilates
Polestar Pilates

Accessible Pilates Workouts for Every Level

Our online Pilates workout platform welcomes everyone, from newcomers to seasoned enthusiasts, Pilates students and teachers. Each session is accessible, with clear instructions and modifications to meet individual needs. This approach allows participants of all levels to engage effectively, improve at their own pace, and experience the full benefits of Pilates. By offering a diverse range of workouts, on all the most popular pieces of Pilates equipment, we cater to different preferences and fitness goals, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching Pilates experience.

Expert Instruction from Australia's Leading Pilates Educators

Gain insights and guidance from the finest in the field with online Pilates classes in Australia offered by Polestar Pilates. Our instructors are not only deeply knowledgeable in Pilates methodology but also skilled in delivering engaging and effective online instruction. Their expertise ensures that each class helps to refine your practice and deepen your understanding of Pilates principles. This high level of instruction supports your progression, making each online class a valuable part of your wellness routine.

Polestar Pilates

Our Online Pilates Programs

Polestar Pilates provides a comprehensive range of online Pilates programs designed to meet the diverse needs and goals of our clients. From foundational courses for beginners to advanced sessions for seasoned practitioners, our curriculum covers all aspects of Pilates. Each program is structured to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance, incorporating both classic and contemporary Pilates exercises. Our online format combines live sessions and on-demand access, offering flexibility to fit your unique schedule and lifestyle. These programs are meticulously crafted to deliver a holistic Pilates experience, enhancing your physical health and mental well-being from the comfort of your home.

Flexible Online Pilates Sessions for Busy Lifestyles

Our online Pilates sessions are suited for those with demanding schedules, providing a convenient way to incorporate regular exercise into your routine. Flexibility in scheduling means you can participate in live classes or access recorded sessions at a time that works best for you. This adaptability makes it easier to maintain consistency in your Pilates practice, ensuring you stay connected to your fitness goals and progress steadily, regardless of other commitments.

Choose Your Perfect Online Pilates Workout

At Polestar Pilates, selecting your ideal online Pilates workout is straightforward. Our diverse scope of classes caters to various interests and fitness levels, allowing you to customise your routine. Whether you’re seeking a gentle, restorative session or a challenging, strength-building workout, our platform provides the options to suit your Pilates experience. This personalised strategy ensures that you get the most out of every session, contributing positively to your health and well-being.


Membership Subscription Options

Our monthly subscription options are designed to provide flexibility and value depending on what you need from your Pilates journey. Get unlimited monthly access to suit your needs and preferences. Members enjoy comprehensive access to our entire library of live and on-demand classes, ensuring you can find the ideal fit for your schedule and fitness goals. By joining our online community, you gain access to classes and a supportive network dedicated to promoting health, well-being, and a balanced lifestyle.


Find the Right Subscription for You

Select the ideal subscription for your online Pilates classes designed to fit various preferences and schedules:

  • BRONZE ($19/month): Unlimited access to all Polestar’s daily mat and reformer classes recorded live in the studio, perfect for those who want to experience the fundamentals of Pilates with flexibility.
  • SILVER ($29/month): This package includes everything except Masterclasses, and it adds educational classes suited for Polestar students. This package suits those seeking to deepen their Pilates knowledge and practice.
  • GOLD ($39/month): This plan provides unlimited access to all classes, including over 30 Masterclasses with Polestar global educators. It is ideal for individuals committed to extensive Pilates study and seeking comprehensive insights from world-renowned experts.

Each subscription ensures participants can engage with our online Pilates classes in a way that best suits their lifestyle and fitness goals.


Getting Started with Online Pilates Today

Begin your journey to improved fitness and well-being by joining our online Pilates classes in Australia. Polestar Pilates offers a wide range of sessions suitable for all levels, providing quality instruction and flexible scheduling to fit your lifestyle. Sign up today to start enjoying the benefits of Pilates from the comfort of your home, with the support of Australia’s leading Pilates professionals. Enhance your physical strength, mental clarity, and overall health with our comprehensive online Pilates programs.