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Polestar Pilates Studio

Fiona Singleton

Pilates Instructor

Fiona spent 8 years working as a High School teacher before deciding to take the opportunity to apply her teaching skills to her favourite form of exercise. She felt a great sense of wellbeing from her own Pilates practice and was drawn to its holistic approach to strengthening and stretching both the mind and the body. Fiona completed her Certificate IV in Pilates Instruction in May 2006 with Pilates ITC and upgraded this qualification to a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction in March 2010. Continuous education is important to Fiona and she regularly attends workshops to further enhance her Pilates skills.

Fiona’s experience of teaching people from various walks of life, including school children, mothers and seniors have reinforced her admiration of the inclusivity of Pilates: everyone, no matter what their body type can become stronger, healthier and more flexible through Pilates. Fiona is determined to help others experience these benefits and achieve their individual goals.