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Polestar Pilates Studio

Karen Lee

Pilates Instructor

Karen first discovered Pilates in an effort to become fit after the birth of her second child. Over the course of 4 years, she found her posture, muscle strength and body awareness improved way beyond any expectation. Pilates helped her prepare and recover from a kidney donation that she gave to her sister. Previously, Karen qualified as an aerobics instructor with VICFIT in Melbourne before moving to Sydney. It was this early introduction to the fitness industry and her passion for Pilates that allowed Karen to pursue her training in becoming a Pilates instructor.

The decision to seek more knowledge led Karen to study Anatomy and Physiology at Nature Care College, gaining a distinction in Anatomy 1a. At the same time, she became a qualified studio instructor after completing the course with Pollstar International.

Karen has a strong commitment to continue gathering knowledge and experience in the Pilates field. To bring this knowledge to the class for each individual and to ultimately enhance their physical + mental balance.