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Polestar Pilates Studio

Karin-Anne Abercrombie

Pilates Instructor

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Karin-Anne Abercrombie is a dedicated professional who has found her true passion in Pilates. She is deeply immersed in the transformative power of this exercise method, which goes beyond ordinary fitness routines. Karin-Anne’s love for Pilates stems from its ability to strengthen and stabilize muscles that are often overlooked in other forms of exercise. She firmly believes in the holistic nature of Pilates, harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit to unlock optimal energy levels, enhance strength, build resilience, and improve flexibility.

Karin-Anne’s journey with Pilates began in 2008 when she was introduced to this remarkable discipline. In 2010, during her relocation from South Africa to Australia, she seized the opportunity to redirect her focus and pursue a fulfilling career in Pilates. She obtained her Mat and Props certification with Polestar Asia in Hong Kong, followed by the comprehensive Studio Diploma with Polestar Australia in Sydney.

Combining her extensive background in competitive sports and fitness with her natural joy of teaching and helping others, Karin-Anne is on a mission to transform the health and lifestyles of her students. She brings a wealth of knowledge beyond the Pilates studio, having earned a qualification in Nature Conservation in 2007 and lectured on the subject before leaving South Africa. This background has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the importance of connecting with nature and one’s natural surroundings.

As an instructor, Karin-Anne is renowned for her unwavering dedication to her students. Her teaching style is characterized by warmth, adaptability, and a supportive environment that encourages growth. She finds great satisfaction in helping her students target specific goals and guiding them towards achieving their personal objectives.

In addition to her Pilates expertise, Karin-Anne is constantly driven to expand her knowledge and provide comprehensive care. She is currently working towards completing a diploma in Nutrition within the coming year. This additional qualification will further enhance her ability to guide her students towards holistic well-being, incorporating not only physical fitness but also nutritional excellence.

Karin-Anne Abercrombie is not only a passionate Pilates professional but also a devoted mother of two boys. Her dedication to her family and her commitment to her career exemplify her values of balance, perseverance, and personal growth.