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Polestar Pilates Studio

Olivia Campana

Pilates Instructor

Olivia was a competitive alpine ski racer from the age of 7 to around 14 years old. She spent a lot of her younger years training on and off the snow to build strength although after she stopped racing she found it hard to find an exercise that she  felt confident, comfortable and motivated to do and do well. That is when she found Pilates. She started going to Reformer Pilates classes at the age of 15 at a studio that was trained by Polestar.
Olivia’s love for Pilates continued to grow after finishing school. She decided to study the Mat teacher training course with Polestar Pilates Australia where she gained more knowledge into the principles and foundations of Pilates. She then continued  to become a Reformer instructor as she wanted to be able to help people learn about their bodies while understanding the benefits of the movement and how fun Pilates truly is.