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Sarah Barrett

(Studio Manager) Pilates Instructor

Transitioning from the corporate world to motherhood was always going to be a turning point in Sarah’s life. After the birth of her first child, she decided to leave a career in financial services and turn her passion into a new career – Pilates.

Helping people achieve their goals has been a constant throughout her career. Training with Polestar Pilates gave her a wealth of hands-on experience and empowerment to help people achieve their physical goals.

Sarah has been practising Pilates since 2003 and it has never failed her – helping her participate in half marathons, adventure racing and triathlons without injury and keeping her body strong and supple through two pregnancies.

“I feel like Pilates has taped my body back together after each child! I don’t think I could endure the long physical hours of motherhood without it. If you are committed and believe in what you do you will see results every time.